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Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

13 fevereiro 2023 in Salon Treatment

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From student to beauty entrepreneur

Ornella Montobello


Ornella attended ProNails Basic Training in June 2019 and then Baby Manicure and BFLEX workshops at the ProNails Academy in Nice. Barely nine months after her basic training, she proudly opened her own institute.

Why did you choose the ProNails Academy?

Because it specialises in nail styling. The school has been around for many years and that reassured me too. The courses are short but top quality.

Another reason I chose ProNails is the quality of their professional products

What training did you take and why?

I took the basic training, which is for beginners. I wanted to learn all the professional nail techniques and salon treatments so I could make a living out of it. I then attended workshops to perfect my skills, learn to work faster and apply new innovative techniques, such as using the 4-in-1 BFLEX Gel and the Baby Manicure.

What did you think of the course?

My training was great! The trainer was very attentive and I immediately felt at ease. I also appreciated the great atmosphere within the team.

Why did you choose ProNails Academy over the other schools?

Because it focusses more on nail styling as a professional carreer. It is a school that trains us with quality products and lets us learn everything we need to know to start our activity.

How has this training helped with your career?

Thanks to the various courses I took at the ProNails Academy, the support of my trainer and the professionalism of the teams, I managed to make my dream come true: opening my own institute.

I am finally doing this work I am so passionate about. Thanks to these courses, I offer innovative services that allow me to stand out from the competition. My customers are happy and their loyalty has grown.

I continue to attend regular workshops at ProNails to keep improving my skills and offer ever more trendy treatments!




Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

About the author

Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

Sandrine has been working at ProNails for 10 years. Before, she was a distributor for our brand, later she joined the product development team and became head of training, which she does with a lot of passion.


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