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5 tips for perfect BCOLOUR application
Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

1 dezembro 2023 em Innovations

5 min tempo de leitura

5 tips for perfect BCOLOUR application

Our 1-layer BCOLOUR colour gel is the latest time-saving innovation in the ProNails gel range. The application is super easy! And with every new product innovation comes a matching technique.

During a 2-day Boost Your Business Training, you will learn how to work quickly and correctly with all B System Gels (BFLEX - BSTRONG - BCOLOUR) in our ProNails Academy. This training is also completely FREE with the purchase of a B System Box.

We have already listed 5 indispensable tips for a perfect BCOLOUR application for you. Take a look!

5 tips for a perfect BCOLOUR application

Watch now!

This is what you need to know about BCOLOUR

1. Remove the adhesive layer before applying BCOLOUR

After the construction phase with a B System Gel (BFLEX, BSTRONG or MASTER), you need to remove the sticky layer before applying the colour. This step is crucial! B Gels have a rather pronounced adhesive layer compared to classic construction gels. So remove it thoroughly with Non Acetone Polish Remover.

If you don't do this, the adhesive layer (which consists of non-reactive residues) will dilute the colour, which will reduce both polymerisation and coverage. You are then automatically tempted to apply too much product, because with BCOLOUR you want to achieve optimal coverage in one layer. But too much product does not cure sufficiently.

nail professional removing sticky layer on the gel nail with a cotton
Non Acetone Polish Remover 1000 ml

Non Acetone Polish Remover 1000 ml

Dispensador Twist & Lock 240 ml

Dispensador Twist & Lock 240 ml

Caixa de Cosmetic Pads 250 pcs

Caixa de Cosmetic Pads 250 pcs

2. Drain the brush

Wipe off the excess product on your brush on one side of the neck of the bottle. This will avoid having too much product on your brush.

the amount of gel colour on the brush

3. Apply a thin layer of BCOLOUR

Do not apply too much colour to the nail. Push the brush so that the fan opens and apply a thin layer of colour gel, 'pulling' the product to the free edge.

If you apply a too thick a layer, this will waste your BCOLOUR gel and cause issues during curing. The light from the Smart Light will then be absorbed by the colour and will not be able to cure to its full depth. You can always add more gel.

nail stylist apply gel colour on the nail

4. Less is more

If you did take too much BCOLOUR, pull the colour towards the free border and remove the excess product with your brush, which you put back into the bottle.

If you find you have taken too little BCOLOUR, you can simply add product. Be sure not to dip your brush back into the bottle. Instead, use the excess product left in the neck of the bottle.

nail stylist taking the excess product from the neck of the bottle

Want to know more about BCOLOUR?

With the time-saving B System Gels, you work 2x faster. How long does your colour application take now? Divide that by 2! Thanks to BCOLOUR you also save time on your colour application.

This is because with a 1-layer colour gel you only have to do half the work.

More advantages of BCOLOUR:

💅 perfect coverage in 1 layer
💅 5 fingers at a time before curing
💅 no adhesive layer
💅 time-saving: halves your application time!
💅 profitable

5. Only Cure in The Smart Light

BCOLOUR may only be cured FULL in The Smart Light LED lamp for 30 seconds. For this, the 5 fingers must be placed in the indicated positions under the lamp. Because you can cure 5 fingers at once, you also save time! If you still prefer to work finger by finger, you have to place your entire hand in the lamp for each curing.

The Smart Light

The Smart Light

Do a new set and refill in less than 45 minutes!

During our Boost Your Business Training, you'll learn how to work super fast and correctly with these time-saving B System ProNails Gels (BFLEX BSTRONG BCOLOUR).

With the purchase of any B System Box, you will be offered this 2-day Training completely FREE!

Discover the training at your local ProNails Academy!

Do you want to discover the B System of ProNails?

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Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

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Product Development Director Birgit Serruys


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