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Allround Nail Tech Training

If you want to become a successful nail professional, then choosing the best possible education is what will set your future career apart from everyone else's.

We will teach you everything from the start: from doing a perfect manicure to creating impeccable gel nails with the different ProNails gel systems.

Filing correctly, applying a colour like a pro or creating a refined French manicure, you'll perfect all these skills! 

The 10-week ProNails Allround Basic Training is the most complete training ensuring you are well prepared to become a successful professional.

After this all training, you have all the knowledge and techniques to start your own beauty/nail salon.

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Allround Nail Tech Training

What will you learn?

  1. You will learn

    Theory and application in step-by-step video (via E-learning) and practice in our training centre:

    • Anatomy of the natural nail: anatomy, nail types and nail diseases
    • ProNails Manicure Deluxe: Luxury Spa treatment of hands and nails
    • Semi-permanent gel polish: All the possibilities of the different semi-permanent gel polish services according to the client's expectations and nail type
    • Gel nail service to perfection with the ORIGINAL gel range:

      For natural nails with FLEXI BUILDER (new application & refill)
      For new application, extension & filling with HARD BUILDER & ONE
    • The fastest gel nail services:
      Natural nail extensions with BFLEX (new application & refill)            Natural nail extensions with BSTRONG (new application, extension & refill)
    • The trendiest looks, Natural, Full Colour, French manicure, Babyboom and Reverse French Manicure

  2. Certificate

    • Your last hurdle in your journey to success is the final exam. You get three hours to show us what you've learned.
    • You'll receive an impressive personalised ProNails Allround Basic Training Certificate: the proof of your expertise!

  3. The program

    Theory and application via e-learning + 10 days practical training


    Nail & Hand Care Expert
    Gel Perfectionist
    Time-saving gels

Este workshop é para...

Este workshop é para...

Nível de experiência:
Nenhum, apenas muita motivação!

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Qual é o material necessário?

Sim, na segunda sessão é necessário modelo. Receberá mais informações durante a primeria sessão. 

Todos os produtos estarão disponíveis no Kit de Formação ou será disponibilizado poe nós, dependendo do plano de Formação que escolher. 



€118,75 excl. VAT

Para saber informações detalhadas:

  • Enviar email para geral@everbeauty.pt

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